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Baby steps lead to growth and development

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Achieve your goals by thinking big but starting small

You’re at the nursing station answering the phone, writing up notes, discussing a patient’s needs – but maybe you’re also dreaming of doing a particular course to benefit your personal development and work prospects. How can you make it happen?

What’s your current situation? Have you financial or childcare worries, no spare time? How can you get that course under your belt?

This is when most of us go blank and give up on what we want. It feels too difficult to achieve and there seem to be no easy answers. The GROW Model (above) may be the ideal framework to help you.

Developed by business coach Sir John Whitmore, it will help you explore, clarify, take action and achieve your goals. It can guide you through muddled thinking by developing clear concepts, and help you develop awareness through reflection, insight and learning the skill of questioning. It keeps you focused on your goal and helps you understand more deeply what is driving you. You can measure and take pride in forward progress and will recognise your own ability and competence in achieving your goals.

Setting goals works on many levels. First, you create the big picture of what you want to do in life. Then these goals need to be broken down into smaller targets. Finally, once you have a plan, start work on achieving each goal.

So, back to that course. It will help you get that promotion and it’s your dream. You weren’t sure you could succeed, but you’ve talked it through, reflected on how you got your nursing qualification and planned your first steps. You’ll email the learning facility to find out more, ask friends for help with childcare and talk to your manager about funding. Unless you put your own needs first, no one else will, so get on with it. That’s a plan isn’t it?

Tips on setting and achieving your goals

  • Goal: Where are you going? What do you want to achieve? What will be different when you achieve it? What’s important about this for you?
  • Reality: What is happening now with your goal? Who is involved in your goal? What is likely to happen in the future? What’s been going wrong so far? What have you done so far and how do you feel about that? Who or what do you need to involve to make your goal work?
  • Options: What new ideas can you come up with in resolving your goal? What could you do? What ideas can you bring from past successes? What haven’t you tried yet? What are the pros and cons of this option? How motivated are you, on a scale of 1-10, to go for your chosen option? What do you need to get a 10?
  • Who/what/when: What will you do? When will you do it? Who do you need to involve? When should you see the results?